Fall is my favorite season! There is nothing like breathing the crisp cool air while you walk through a trail of fallen leaves on your way to a candle lit home that has a big pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove....ahhhh it doesn't get better than that! I hope to have a few of my favorite harvest recipes up soon!

Primitive Black Stars and Black & White Photo of Salem MA

Each Star measures 7 x 5 inches and has been painted with a mixture of black, orange and yellow. They have been sprinkled with cinnamon that has been rubbed in to make them look even older. I've sanded and grubbied them some more! I've added hand stitched banners to each one using tea stained muslin. Rusty pins, jingle bells and rusty wire top them off!

The photo is of the Old Bakery in Salem Mass. Photo was taken in 1905. It's been glued to the wooden backing of the frame and I've sprayed it several times with a clear matte sealer. No glass with frame - just use a damp cloth to wipe photo. The frame is painted black then sanded for that old worn primitive look and it's been varnished with a satin finish. It has a hook hanger on the back. The photo is 6.5 x 4.5 not including the frame.


Primitive Fall Mouse with Basket of Berries and Sweet Annie

This little lady is made from warm tan flannel. Her face has been hand painted and shaded. Her bonnet is made from stained muslin and her dress from gold homespun. I've added tan craft wire arms and a rusty wire tail. She is carrying a tiny basket with Sweet Annie and tiny Autumn Berries.

She stands 5 inches tall and would make a wonderful decoration to leave out all year long!

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Primitive Prairie Stump Doll

This auction is for a primitive Prairie Stump Doll. She is made from stained muslin. Her dress is made from mustard homespun. Her bonnet and apron are made from stained muslin as well. I've handstitched a red homespun pocket on her apron and tucked a sprig of Sweet Annie inside.

She measures 7.5 inches tall and can stand on her own but is more solid leaning against something.

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Early Style Primitive Black Mammy Rag Doll

This is a new doll made to look like she's been around for 100 years or more.She is made from fabric scraps I had laying around my home and is a wonderful make do. Her body is made from black rag strips that came from my youngest daughters old T-shirt. Her dress is a beautiful mustard gold color with primitive sheep, red checkered hearts, and strawberries. Her head wrap and apron are made from grubby dirty cheesecloth that's covered in yummy cinnamon. I've attached a tiny wooden clothespin to the top of her apron and a rusty safety pin holds it in place in the back.

This doll can sit by herself - just fluff up her skirt and place her wherever you'd like. She measures 13 inches long. Not recommended for young children or around pets.


Thank you!


Primitive Witch Hat

This hat is made from stained painted muslin and has a stained cheesecloth wrapped around the brim. I've hand painted a witch's haunted house, pumpkin patch, and graveyard on it. I've also added a scary tree, black cat and flying witch on a broomstick to it. In the sky and overlooking the scene is a large cat with gold eyes that blends into the background. I've added strong wire to the inside of the brim so you can bend and twist it any way you'd like. It stands approximately 14 inches tall and is 14 inches at the widest points of the brim.


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Primitive Cat Make Do

This Cat Make Do was hand crafted from black fabric. Her eyes were hand drawn and painted green. She has an orange cotton print nose which I've stitched on using black thread. She's attached to an old wooden bobbin with an orange ribbon with skulls, bats and Happy Halloween on it.

She measures 10.5 inches tall.


Primitive Halloween Pumpkin Goth Doll

This pumpkin Head Doll was hand crafted using quality fabrics and a lot of love. Her face was hand drawn and painted without the aid of stencils or patterns. She has rusty jingle bells for eyes and I've attached a cinnamon stick for her nose which I've stitched on using black thread. She has a rusty safety pin eyebrow piercing and gleaming white fangs.

Her head sits on a sturdy base and is ready to go home with you. She measures 9.5 inches tall.

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Primitive Witch Mouse in Halloween Stocking with Candle

This mouse is made from soft tan flannel fabric. She has posable wire stick arms and black cotton string whiskers. She's wearing a black print dress with jack o lanterns. I've hand painted and shaded her face. She stands approximately 5 inches tall.

The stocking is made from muslin which was tea stained, painted and grunged several times to make it look old and worn. I've painted an eerie Halloween scene on it that includes a haunted house on a hillside, an old creepy tree with an owl sitting on a branch in front of a yellow harvest moon, a few other trees and a tombstone at the base of the tree. There are 4 rusty safety pins and a rusty jingle bell attached to the stocking. It measures 13 inches long including the tie that's attached for a hanger.

I've added a tea light flicker candle that is battery operated. I painted it black and sprinkled it with cinnamon.

A touch of moss completes this halloween prim! Would look great hanging on shelf peg, fireplace, or used as a door greeter!

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Hand Painted Milk Stool

This is an antique milk stool that I've painted with a Halloween Design. It's made from old wood and has 3 legs and a handle. There is a Witch sitting on a huge pumpkin beside a scary looking old tree. A black cat walks on the fence behind her while bats fly by the moon. I've painted squiggly curls around the side of the stool and pumpkin faces on all three legs. The purple paint used in this design is sparkle paint.

This stool measures over 10 inches tall and is just over 10 inches in diameter.

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Primitive Pumpkin Door Greeter

This pumpkin head was made from grubbied orange fabric. His eyes are made from dirty cheesecloth, his nose from brown homespun and his mouth from stained muslin. Lots of hand stitching on this guy! He's attached to a textile bobbin and I've added a collar of black lace that has orange spiders on it.

He'd be great as a door greeter (just add a string) or placed in an old pot or tucked in a shelf somewhere.

He measures 9 inches tall.


Primitive Halloween Stitchery Pillow

The design was hand stitched on stained muslin and has a border of grubbied orange fabric and black. The back is made from the black fabric as well. It says "Not all witches live in Salem" and has the head of a witch stitched beside it.

This pillow has been stuffed with polyfill and measures 11.5 x 9.5 inches. Great for your Halloween decor!

Candle is NOT included.

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Primitive Halloween Stitchery Wall Hanging

This is a primitive stitchery wall hanging that was hand stitched by me on dirty grubby tea stained muslin. I used a Halloween print material as a border and plain black material on the back. I've hung it on a wooden dowel with black string.
It's an acrostic poem using the word Halloween.

Haunted House
All Hallows Eve
Lanterns Glow
Legends & Lore
October 31st
Witches Brew
Eerie Sounds
Eyeball Stew
Night of Fear

The muslin looks a lot dirtier and more vintage than the photo shows. It's got that old primitive look to it that we all love! It measures 12" x 14.5".

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